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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Healthy and fast, two things that usually do not go together; until Chop 5 Salad Kitchen.

When Alex was approached with the opportunity to open and manage the first Chop 5 Salad Kitchen right here in Westerville, it was an offer he could not pass up. Chop 5 is a local fast casual restaurant specializing in chop salads where you taste every ingredient in every bite. They have signature chop salads and crave-a-bowls (warm rice bowl) that are great for anyone on the go who wants to eat healthy. Alex applauds his engaging team, who welcomes their guests into our kitchen like family, and helps them make their favorite chop salad.

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Chop 5 has been working with The Sullivan Company since their inception, and it's been so fun working with Alex and the rest of the team to create a uniform program perfect for the fresh, clean, and bright color scheme inside of the restaurant. "The shirts from Sullivan & Co. that our team wear have many fresh colors which reflects this image and allows the team to be unique in their own way," said Alex.

Alex then went on to talk about Chop 5's positive experience creating custom apparel with the Sullivan Company. "The team at Sullivan has been great to work with. They embody the same principles as CHOP5; welcoming us into their family. They've gone above and beyond to help us design our shirts and have always been supportive and responsive."


Thank you Alex for the kind words! If you have not been to Chop 5 Salad Kitchen, you are missing out on one of the more fun, healthy, and delicious fast casual dining experience in Columbus. Check it out in the Polaris area (Our favorite salad is the Buffalo Chicken Chop). Eat with no regrets!

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