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Friday, August 24, 2018


For those of you who have met and worked with Dave & Lisa, you can easily recognize their business model: service above what the customer expects. For those of you who have not yet met or worked with Dave & Lisa, what are you waiting for? As owners of The Sullivan Company, they have been exceeding their customers' expectations for almost 13 years and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Dave Dave and Lisa copy Lisa

Dave serves as the President and CEO of The Sullivan Company. Under his leadership, the company has almost tripled in size and now serves some of America's best brands. Lisa works as the Vice President/COO and focuses her energy developing team members and building lasting relationships with customers.

When they acquired The Sullivan Companyin 2006, they knew that they could develop TSC to stand out from the crowd of local and national custom apparel providers. They began expanding our services and invested in equipment to offer faster turnaround on in-house screen printing and embroidery, high-quality promotional products, and even custom manufactured apparel. 12 years later, we still pride ourselves on offering these services, as well as finding new ways to exceed our customers' expectations with services like custom graphic design,brand development, and a state-of-the-art online ordering platform.

After all this time, Dave still enjoys coming into work and says. "I love that our business requires a great deal of both creativity and technical skill. I can be working with our Creative Team one minute, working with our Screen Print technicians a few minutes later, and designing software in between. I also like meeting others in the community and finding ways we can all work together."

When Dave & Lisa are not working, they enjoy beach vacations (away from data service), taking care of their cute Corgi Granddog, and boating with family and friends.

They know that The Sullivan Company is positively different; they are constantly developing ways to set us apart from our local and national competitors. Dave thinks, "The Sullivan Company is leading the way in the promotional products industry by being sensitive to our customers’ brands. It’s easy to slap a logo on something -- all of our competitors can do that. But we take a more holistic approach to help our clients communicate their brands. That, along with our comprehensive fulfillment infrastructure, makes us an ideal fit for emerging and growing brands."

So the next time you're in town, need custom apparel or promotional products, or just want to see what makes us different, stop in and say "Hello"! Maybe you'll even get to meet the Granddog. Drop us a line at hello@WearBrandMatters.com.

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