For more than 30 years,

The Sullivan Company has been passionately serving companies of all sizes.

The Sullivan Company helps bring brands to life on apparel and accessories to create the ideal brand experience.

From ideas and design to the finishing details, we care about you and your brand image, the emotion you want to convey, and the finishing touches to ensure everything with your brand experience is polished and consistent.


We believe in a strong commitment to professional development and community involvment. Three things we know to be true:


Develop lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations, while helping them to promote their image and brand through carefully selected custom logo'd items.

Professional Development

Provide an environment that encourages personal development and professional growth for our employees by promoting a positive, team oriented culture.


Improve the community through our personal and professional involvement.

We started with a humble beginning...

A Humble Beginning
The history of The Sullivan Co. began in the early 1980' s with Jerry Sullivan, after whom the Company is still named. Jerry was retired from a restaurant linen company and began selling tablecloths, linen, and restaurant supplies from his home. It was a part time endeavor but Jerry was able to attract and maintain many solid accounts. From this humble beginning, Jerry built many solid business relationships – all focused on excellent customer care. And excellent care remains the hallmark of what is now The Sullivan Company.
A Company Takes Shape
The passing of Jerry in 1997 brought his daughter Susan and her husband John into the restaurant apparel business. Also operating out of their home and on a part time basis, a small company began to take shape. Originally the focus was on commercial restaurant aprons and related chef apparel. This accounted for the bulk of the company's business. In response to customer needs, screen-printing and embroidery were soon required. Although the need was originally filled by various suppliers on a contract basis, it soon became apparent that these services could best be performed by The Sullivan Company's own staff.
Expanded Capabilities
In 1999 a screen-printing company was purchased to bring the screen-printing business "in house". Embroidery equipment was purchased in 2000 and again in 2001. The Company moved from Sue and John’s home to the location of the acquired screen printing company. Eight months later, the Company moved again. What was once a part-time business had quickly become a full-featured apparel company. Sales grew, staff grew and soon The Sullivan Company was out of space --- again.
A Real Production Plant. A Real Company.
In November 2001 a building was purchased at 130 Graphic Way in Westerville. Renovation began quickly and was completed in April. This building now serves as the primary office and production facility for The Sullivan Company. Major improvements in space and infrastructure allowed the Company to expand and offer complementary products and services.
Still More Capabilities Added
September 2002 brought another addition to the company with the acquisition of The Corporate Gifters. This promotional products company enabled The Sullivan Company to jump-start entry into the promotional products business and offer a wider product base to its customers.
Growth Continued
In January 2007, automated screen printed equipment was added to expand our screen printing capabilities. In April, The Sullivan Company launched its new brand standards, eliminated the Corporate Gifters company name by operating under a single corporate identity of The Sullivan Company. At the same time, we introduced our new sales mark --- Wear. Brand. Matters.(TM) In June, our new line of chef apparel was introduced under the Culinary Threads® label.
Exceeding expectations...
The company is quite different than it was just a handful of years earlier, in terms of capabilities, products offered and services but the importance of serving the customer in a manner above "the norm" continues. During all this growth and change the original basis for Jerry's success remains constant: service above what the customer expects. Let us show you what a tradition of excellent service means to you. Give us a call today!


The Sullivan Company has operational staff in customer service, graphics, embroidery operations, screen printing operations, accounting, shipping and receiving, and building services. Our leadership team includes:

David Duhl

Dave serves as President and CEO. His background includes 23 years in a Fortune 100 financial services company where he held senior executive roles in information technology and business strategy. Dave and his wife acquired The Sullivan Company in 2006 and launched the company on its next wave of expansion. Under Dave's leadership, the company has more than doubled in size and now serves some of America's top companies.

Lisa Duhl

Lisa serves as Vice President and Corporate Secretary. Lisa focuses on the development of our team, their skills, and our customer relationships.

We are committed to our community and needs around the world.

We believe that being in business affords us the ability to invest in others - our employees, our community, and those in need around the world. We also believe that to be charitable, we must be profitable. After all, profits fund charity.

At the start of each year, we plan our giving. Our giving is prioritized around our company burdens. Our burdens are focused around a handful of needs:

  • Poverty relief
  • Children in crisis
  • Serving those who have served
  • Sharing the Good News around the world

Of course, our goal is to do more. We want to provide active financial support to the poor in our local community and around the world. To learn more about great programs you can participate in, see these links:

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