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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Getting your logo into prospective (or current) customers' hands is one of the best ways to get them in the door of your business. With the trend of digital marketing, getting a tangible item to your customers is the perfect way to stand out. Promotional products have a HUGE recall rate at 83%, making them one of the most recalled form of advertising. Most items also have a lower cost per impression than social media and print marketing so they can be one of the most cost effective too.

Below, see how promotional products can make an impact on your clients, customers, and employees.

  • Provide a Useful Solution.

Most promotional products are things people need or will use frequently. When you give a person a pen, a water bottle, or hand sanitizer, they might use it every day. (Bonus points if the item directly relates to your business!) The more useful an item is, the lower the overall cost per impression will be, and the more likely the customer will use it.

  • Provide a Lasting Impression.

When choosing a promotional product, it's important to consider the kind of impression you want to leave. First impressions are important, and that impression can be a lasting one with a high-quality item. When gifting an item like a custom printed reusable tote or umbrella, the quality of the item will directly translate to how often it is utilized by customers.

  • Successful Event Marketing.

When hosting an event, a gift that is directly related to the event will be highly regarded by attendees. Hosting a charity golf outing? Gift each participant a set of custom golf balls. Every time they go golfing afterwards, they will remember your outing and company. Hosting a tech conference? Gift each attendant a tech item like a flash drive, a Bluetooth speaker, or a portable charger. They will remember your event for years to come while they use these items.

  • Recognize and Reward Employees.

Customers aren't the only people to give promotional products to. It's easy to turn your employees into brand ambassadors by gifting them things they can use inside and outside of the office. Logo'd coffee cups and notepads in the office can harbor a sense community, while custom bottle openers and baseball caps can get employees sporting your brand out of the office. Hard working employees can also be rewarded with a special gift, whether that is a nice embroidered jacket, a personalized travel mug, or an etched glass award. When other employees see this exclusive item being used regularly around the office, they will work hard to get one as well (especially if it is a nice name-brand item).

Contact The Sullivan Company today to talk to a branding professional to get started placing your promotional product order. Don't know what to order? We can make custom suggestions perfect for your type of business or event and we will stay inside your budget. Call us at 614-898-9971 to get started today!

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