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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Happy Earth Month! This month’s Client Spotlight is a leader in IT lifecycle services who is helping business Go Green every month of the year.

Meet Sage Sustainable Electronics, a business dedicated to helpinging the Fortune 1000 improve their sustainability as they refresh and upgrade their technology. We talked to Jill, the president and co-founder of Sage to hear about how they are serving up a better IT solution for their customers, and using compelling apparel and marketing strategy to make it all happen.

"As a leading provider of IT lifecycle services, we are committed to making a difference in the way businesses and individuals think about technology ownership. The enormous amount of natural resources required to manufacturer them, the privacy and data risks, the environmental hazards of end-of-life technology, and the opportunity for us all to act more sustainably by buying less, reusing more, and recycling as a last resort."

Jill then went on to tell us about the creative marketing solutions they're using at tradeshows to help them stand out from the traditional IT company, a boring sales team in a blue oxford.

"Sage has always been bold with our apparel, linking our marketing message to our mission in very creative ways. We routinely get remembered for our somewhat unorthodox approaches to standing out at tradeshows and conferences. It's all all about making ourselves memorable. Last Fall, we exhibited in chef's coats and gave out raw Sage honey promoting more sustainable IT practices. The year before we wore deli counter style aprons asking "Are you being Served?" and gave away ice cream scoops; then delivered Jeni's ice cream to the homes of the trade-show attendees who stopped to chat with us. It's all about serving up a better solution for our customers and having a customer centric culture, a service attitude. Our Sullivan Team helps us deliver."

Booth Picture-chef coats_preview Are you Being Served Edit

"I love working with The Sullivan Company because they care about Sage and our projects. The designers get creative with us to make sure our marketing concept is executed well, the quality is on target for the application, and our options are within budget. I depend on my Sullivan Team and simply don't shop around anymore. I know we will continue to be delighted, again and again."

Thank's Jill! We cannot wait to see what Sage cooks up for their next trade show; we'll be ready for anything! Keep updated with Sage, and go to their website or Facebook Page to see what their fresh approach to IT lifecycle solutions can do for you and your business.

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