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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Jeff from Delaney's Diner has always had a passion for the restaurant industry and Westerville Ohio, so it seemed like an easy decision to open Delaney's here in Westerville one year ago. He had a plan to create a casual, family diner experience in a sparkling clean restaurant with great food, interesting (and classic) menu items and a high level of service; and he delivered! When they opened, they brought back an old hometown favorite dish, the PastaSalvi.

"PastaSalvi was a Columbus favorite for many years back when B.G. Salvi’s restaurant group had several locations in Columbus. I was involved in those restaurants for 15 years and held on to the original recipe to bring back when the time was right. Delaney’s Diner was a perfect opportunity to bring back this hometown favorite for fans and introduce to a whole new generation!"

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Delaney's Diner has worked with The Sullivan Company to create screen printed t-shirts, embroidered hats and polos, and custom laser etched chalkboard nametags. They have been happy with the quality, service, and variation offered by The Sullivan Company.

"As a family owned business, it was important to use to try to use local vendors whenever possible. While there might be lower priced options available online, we really like being able to pick up the phone or stop into the office whenever we have questions or ideas for a new apparel piece. The Sullivan team has been wonderful giving recommendations, ordering samples and ultimately delivering a high-quality product for us!"

Thanks Jeff, and we hope that everyone in Westerville (and beyond) has the chance to stop by Delaney's Diner to try the PastaSalvi and all the other amazing dishes you offer.

As they celebrate their one year anniversary this week, they have partnered with W.A.R.M. to help supply their food pantries. If you bring a non-perishable food item to them this month (May 2018), you will get entered to win 1 or 5 Delaney's Diner gift cards!

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