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Thursday, June 14, 2018


Westerville Crew is a co-ed rowing club for juniors (high school students) and adult masters (21+) that rows out of Hoover Reservoir. Since it's a club sport, students for the juniors teams are accepted from any local high school; this year building a team of over 120 athletes.

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We talked to Becky, who is the apparel chair for Westerville Crew and who has been working with The Sullivan Company for the team's spirit wear. She talked to us about the beauty of rowing, the benefits it can have on the body and mind, and how their custom apparel has helped them stand out.

"Westerville Crew was established in 1995, and has grown to a team of over 120 athletes in our juniors program. Our Crew has become a nationally competitive rowing team, with its graduating seniors going on to row at the Ivies, Big Ten, PAC-12, ACC, Southeastern and other conferences, many on scholarship. Rowing itself is a beautiful and exciting sport, one that engages the whole body and mind.

Westerville Crew is one of the largest and most successful rowing clubs in Ohio. Having said that, we also are unique in that we have no cuts or bench warmers. Everyone on the team has a seat in a boat, and will race at a regatta. Any Central Ohio student, from eighth grade to seniors in high school, are welcome to join- and now is the perfect time- we are just about to start our Learn to Row summer sessions! Rowing is an all-encompassing physical sport that uses all of the major muscle groups, and yet remains a safe sport compared to many other high school sports. Injury rates are very low. Mentally, a rower gets the full benefit of a team sport, while in a boat they are fully focused and relatively quiet. Teamwork and collaboration are paramount to a successful row. Our rowers compete in Regattas all across Ohio and neighboring states. It is definitely a unique and beautiful sport that a rower can participate in well beyond high school. This is also a sport that can include the whole family- our parents are involved at regattas and team events."

They also have an active and award-winning co-ed Master’s Program, for adults 21 and up.

Westerville Crew sets up an online store through The Sullivan Company twice a year, where parents and students involved in Crew can log on and order custom apparel. Becky works with our creative team beforehand, picking out different merchandise and choosing designs that will be featured on the store.

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"I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it is to work with The Sullivan Company. The employees let me come in and actually touch the merchandise before I decide if it should be in our spirit wear store. They listen to my ideas and try to make them a reality. They seek out specific merchandise I ask for. The let me show merchandise samples to parents before purchase. They manage to do it all in a way that is at a fair price point, and yet is one of our best fundraisers of the year. They work with me to keep things fresh and new in our online stores, while also keeping the traditional items we need. All of these customer service points lead to a successful online shopping experience for our families. Not only online, but when someone from the crew calls in, they get a live person who actually helps them!

I have and will continue to recommend the online store platform and The Sullivan Company to other organizations. Every person I have worked with has been top notch. I never worry about our online store with Sullivan, I know and trust that it will run smoothly and be stress-free. The Sullivan company is a fantastic organization to work with!"

Thank you Becky, we love being able to work with you for a great fundraiser every year!

Stay updated with the Westerville Crew on their Facebook and Instagram pages!

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