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Tuesday, September 18, 2018


"Local companies supporting local companies is a powerful thing."

Matt, we agree!! Matt is the General Manager at Roush Hardware right here in Westerville, which is an employee owned local hardware store that has been helping our community and solving problems for customers since 1951. His role is simple, ". . keep things running smoothly. We are always teaching and learning. Putting people in the right position to succeed is paramount to a successful business."

Running a local business mean caring about the community. Matt knows that their customers are looking for a personalized experience, and looking to his employees/owners to not only be knowledgeable, but to care about the community they serve.

"Standing out from the “big box stores” is not something we put a lot of thought into. We just have a different mission statement. We want to employ good people who have a passion for problem solving and helping others. We want our co-workers to care about the community and care about each other."

We are proud to work with Roush Hardware designing and printing t-shirts and hats. They recently started selling apparel to customers, and it's been a big hit! "The custom apparel has been great. It’s so cool run into one of my customers at the grocery store and see them wearing a Roush Hardware shirt. Definitely makes me proud. The employees love the apparel too. It’s just a fresh new look. The “trucker” hats have been the biggest hit so far. Super retro."

IMG_4525 IMG_4524 IMG_4539

"We have been working with The Sullivan Company for decades. Great people making great products. I love the creativity of the design team. I went in with a couple catch phrases and a vague idea of what I wanted my shirts and hats to look like and they knocked it out of the park. Local companies supporting local companies is a powerful thing."

Thank you Matt, and if you haven't been expertly served by the employees at Roush Hardware, you are missing out on a wonderful experience.

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